Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement responds to concerns from citizens that affect the quality of life within the city such as , overgrown lots or yards, inoperative vehicles, rodent infestation, maintenance of structures, illegal signs and public nuisances.  Systematic inspections are also performed throughout the city to ensure properties are in compliance with city codes.

By administering a fair and comprehensive enforcement program that corrects violations of municipal codes, our department ensures that property values are protected and preserves the community values that make Eastpointe a highly desirable city in which to live, work and play.

If you have a concern you would like addressed, contact the Building Department at 586-445-3661 opt 4
Alternatively,  you may submit a Citizens Request for Action
When a complaint is received, our clerical staff will take the address of the complaint and as much detail as possible to schedule a Code Enforcement officer to begin their initial inspection.  
When addressing concerns within backyards, Code Enforcement is not allowed to enter a yard without permission so if you are calling regarding a neighbor we will ask permission to inspect from your property. Without being able to physically see the issue, they may not be able to confirm the violation. 

After a violation is found, the owner is sent a letter giving information regarding the problem and a time frame in which to correct it. If you have submitted a concern and would like to know what the next step towards compliance is, contact the building department with the address.