What Is Fair Housing?

Fair housing protects people from discrimination when they seek to rent or buy a home, obtain a mortgage or engage in other housing-related activities. Fair housing also refers to the right of a person to exercise their fair housing rights free from retaliation.

Fair housing also compels certain affirmative requirements by property owners and managers. One affirmative requirement is to grant persons with disabilities reasonable accommodations and reasonable modifications. Another affirmative requirement is that certain new multi-family dwelling units be accessible to disabled persons.

An additional affirmative requirement is that programs and activities receiving HUD funding be administered in a manner that affirmatively furthers fair housing.

Review the following Documents and Programs:

Eastpointe Fair Housing Impact Statement
Fair Housing Equal Opportunity
Fair Housing Resources
Fair Housing Brochure
Animal Assistance Brochure
Cooperatives and Homeowner Brochure
Deaf  Assistance Brochure

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Owners of non-owner occupied properties in the city are required to have their properties registered, inspected and certified by the City. For questions on this program or to schedule an inspection, please contact the Building Department at 586-445-3661 ext. 2269. Applications can be found here

Registration shall be made by the property owner, lessor, their designated agent, or designated local property manager in the office of the building department of the city prior to the inspection on forms containing the following information:

(1)The names and addresses of the owner and lessor and of their designated agents or property managers upon whom a violation order may lawfully be served.

a. Owners and lessors who reside 50 miles or more from city hall must designate a local agent who shall be authorized to act as the owner's or lessor's agent for any matters related to the owner's or lessor's rental permit(s), including but not limited to authorization to receive and respond to notices from the city and to receive service of process in any action or proceeding brought by the city against the owner or lessor.

b. Any such agent who is designated by an owner or lessor of premises must reside or do business within 50 miles from city hall and must provide the city with a local address and telephone number.

(2)A description of the property, by street and number or otherwise, as will enable the building department to locate the same.

(3)Such other appropriate information as may be requested, including but not limited to number of units, number and type of rooms, together with a typical floor layout of the units and rooms with appropriate designations and identifications.

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All vacant structures (commercial and residential) are required to be registered and inspected by the City. For questions or to schedule your inspection of a vacant property, please contact our Building Department at 586-445-3661 ext. 2214.  Applications can be found here.

An owner of a vacant property located in the city shall be responsible for registering that property with the building department by complying with the affidavit and registration and inspection fee requirements in this article within the following time frames:

(1) Vacant property shall be registered within 45 days of the vacancy.

Once a vacant property has been properly registered by the owner, such registration shall be valid and effective for a period not to exceed 365 days, and shall be renewed annually thereafter until the property has become occupied and a certificate of compliance has been issued pursuant to section 10-221, pertaining to re-occupancy.

(2) Residents may report abandoned vacant properties to the Building Department at 586-445-3661 ext 2214 

Abandoned vacant property means a vacant property that has been vacant for 30 days or more and meets any of the following criteria:

(1) Provides a location for loitering, vagrancy, unauthorized entry, or other criminal activity;

(2) Has one or more broken or boarded windows;

(3) Has taxes in arrears for a period of time exceeding 365 days;

(4) Has utilities disconnected or not in use;

(5) Is not maintained in compliance with city ordinances, codes or state law;

(6) Is only partially completed and is not fit for human occupancy.

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Chapter 10 - BUILDINGS AND BUILDING REGULATIONS | Code of Ordinances | Eastpointe, MI | Municode Library