The Patrol Division is overseen by the Deputy Police Chief. The supervisors work a 12-hour shift and they are divided into 4 units. Two units fall under the day shift and two fall under the night shift. Police Officers work an 8-hour shift. The three shifts are day shift, afternoon shift, and the midnight shift. The Police Officers are supervised by a Lieutenant and /or Sergeant, who act as the Commanding Officer o f the day during these shifts.

Police Service Aides work under the direction of the Patrol Commanding Officer of the day. These part-time employees work at the front desk of the Police Department and they greet and help citizens who come into the Pollee Department for assistance. They are also tasked with assistance of in-station duties, entering and retrieving information into the cOI'nputer system, and maintaining other computerized records.

The Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for the investigation of abandoned vehicles and for parking enforcement. He/she also serves as a substitute crossing guard when needed and assists with the transportation of department vehicles in need of repair. He/she is also assigned various other duties as needed. The Code Enforcement Officer is supervised by the Commanding Officer ofthe day.

Patrol Supervisor/Front Desk
Phone: (586) 445-5100 ext.1