Eastpointe Memorial Library Commission

Current Members: 

Name Position  Contact  Term
Harvey Curley Member


Term Expiration: At the pleasure of the Mayor & Council
LaDonna Leyva Member  ltleyva@hotmail.com Appointed: 07/02/2019
Term Expiration: 08/15/2024
Mary Glassco Member maryglassco@juno.com Appointed: 09/05/2023
Term Expiration: 08/15/2028
Kevin Murphy Member kevinmurphy@gmail.com Appointed: 08/11/2020
Term Expiration: 08/15/2025
Craig Wodecki Member  wodecki@sbcglobal.net Appointed: 12/21/2021
Term Expiration: 10/15/2026
Sue Todd Library Director stodd@eastpointecity.org  


The commission shall make and adopt such bylaws, rules and regulations for its own guidance and for the government of the city memorial library and reading room as may be expedient, not inconsistent with state law and this Code. It shall have the exclusive control of the expenditure of all moneys collected to the credit of the library fund, of the construction of any library building, and of the supervision, care and custody of the grounds, rooms or buildings leased or set apart for that purpose. 

Review the full Ordinance


Members are appointed by the Mayor, subject to approval by the Council. 


Members appointed shall serve for a term of five years. 


Third Tuesday of the Month at 4:00 p.m. at the Memorial Library.