Looking out the window, it is apparent that winter has finally reached Michigan. To help with your winter preparation, take a look at our Winter Reminders!

Snow and Ice

  • According to Section 44-89, no person shall park a motor vehicle on any street during a declared snow emergency. The parking prohibition, in general, expires 48 hours after the declaration of emergency, or until the city has completed snow plowing on that street.
  • According to Sec. 38-83.4, no person shall place or deposit snow or ice from a sidewalk, driveway approach, or from private property onto any sidewalk, street, neighboring property, or right-of-way.
  • According to Sec. 38-83.3, the owner/or occupant of any premises or, a lot is required to keep the sidewalk in front of or adjacent to such premises cleared from snow and ice within 24 hours after it has fallen or naturally accumulated, failure to which, the city or its contractor may remove the snow and ice and assess the cost and administrative fee to the owner or occupant.Lastly, please remember that the last day for yard waste collection is December 18th. After that date, placing yard waste along the curbside/on the street will be prohibited