Adjournment Procedures

Requests for Adjournments are discouraged, but will be considered for good cause.  No adjournments will be granted less than seven days before the scheduled court date unless there are verifiable emergency circumstances.

To request an adjournment of an informal hearing on a civil infraction, please contact the Traffic Department at 586-445-5020.

To request an adjournment of a formal hearing, criminal pretrial, bench trial, jury trial, exam, pre exam conference or sentencing, please complete a Stipulation and Order for Adjournment [PDF] and contact the Criminal Department at 586-445-5020 ext. 3003 for further instructions.  Please note that if the 21 day requirement has not been waived on an exam, an adjournment cannot be granted.

To request an adjournment of a civil pretrial, bench trial or jury trial, please complete a Stipulation and Order for Adjournment [PDF] and contact the Civil Department at 586-445-5020 ext. 3007 for further instructions.

Probation Department
The 38th District Court Probation Department is responsible for the supervision of all individuals placed on Probation by Judge Gerds.  Generally, there are 500 active cases. The staff consists of a Probation Officer and one volunteer.  Probation officers investigate and supervise defendants who have not yet been sentenced to a term of incarceration.

A probation officer can perform any function assigned to him or her by the court. Their most common duties are to supervise offenders placed on supervision, and to investigate offender's personal and criminal history for the Court prior to sentencing.

The key role of probation is to monitor compliance with probation conditions and hold the offender accountable for any digression from their Court-ordered supervision.  The monitoring of accountability and referral for service functions are critical components of what probation officers are expected to do. Reports, recommendations and court appearances are just the beginning of a probation officer's duties. Supervising offender’s whereabouts, associations and activities is another responsibility. Checking the offender's status at home, medical appointments or their place of employment to verify they are meeting all of the probationary requirements set forth is necessary.

 Listed below is the 38th District Court monthly Probation Report Schedule:

A-D                        1st Thursday

E-K                        2nd Thursday

L-Q                        3rd Thursday

R-Z                        4th Thursday

Probation Department Frequently Asked Questions:

I missed a PBT/ had a late PBT
If you missed or had a late PBT, then you must get a PBT test at the 38TH District Court within 24 hours of your missed or late test. Please be aware a missed or late test is a probation violation and you may still be sanctioned for the violation depending on your case history.

I lost my PBT logs
Try your best to recreate your PBT log by going to your testing agency and asking them to verify your testing for the missing time period. Check your receipts. It is recommended that you get your sheet copied weekly at your testing agency or at the Court so there is an updated record on file.

I lost my AA/NA/Support Group logs
Try to recreate your sheet by going to the people at the meetings who signed your original sheet. You could also bring in a letter from your sponsor to verify your support group attendance.
You should make copies of your log sheets on a monthly basis so the court has a recent record on file.

I moved or changed my phone number
You must let the Court know of your new address or phone number as soon as possible upon any changes. You can call (586) 445-5077 to have your information updated.

I lost my next probation appointment slip
You can call (586) 445-5077 and someone will assist you.

I report to probation once a month and missed my probation appointment
Failure to report to your appointment will result in a probation violation or a bench warrant being issued for your arrest

What should I bring to my probation appointments?
You should bring all of your log sheets, any verification that you completed in a program, proof of address, and your last paycheck stub.

I’m having trouble making my assigned monthly payment

Failure to make your monthly payment is a violation of the court’s order. Should you find yourself in a position where you are unable to make your full payment you must notify your probation officer immediately and contact a representative from the collections department immediately at (586)200-3040.